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Threebie 3

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Originally released in 1989 and only available with a coupon contained in the Spacemen 3 classic "Playing With Fire", "Threebie 3" has become something of a collector's item. Featuring four tracks from a live show at the Melkweg, Amsterdam from February 1988 and a studio version of "Live Intro Theme (Xtacy)". The tracks "Starship", "Revolution", "Suicide" and "Repeater" capture perfectly the spirit of the Spacemen 3 live experience. The trademark drones and one chord barrages are tied together by a brooding sense of urgency and a near chaotic air of energy.

A1 – Starship (Live)
A2 – Revolution (Live)
A3 – Suicide (Live) B1 – Repeater (Live)
B2 – Live Intro Theme (Xtacy)