This Time Next Year

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‘This Time Next Year’ celebrates 20 years of BCee productions.

Spread out over 3 x CD’s we are treated to 12 brand new tracks, 13 remixes and reworks from some of the scenes finest producers and 12 of BCee’s ‘best of’.

The album is packed full of vocal features from the likes of Solah, DRS, Dynamite MC, [ K S R ], Ruth Royall and more.

Remixes from S.P.Y, LSB, Bop, Tim Reaper, Phaction and more.


1) Spirals feat. Solah
2) Let Go Of Love feat. DRS
3) A Little Too Much
4) Life, Money feat. [ K S R ]
5) Four Walls feat. Ruth Royall
6) Projections feat. Logistics & Becca Jane Grey
7) Easy Roller feat. Mr. Maph
8) Hooked On U feat. Dynamite MC
9) Know Your Light feat. Emily Harkness
10) Rivers Run feat. Tempza
11) Gold Bird feat. DRS
12) Brighter

1) Is Anybody Out There feat. S.P.Y (S.P.Y VIP)
2) Surfacing feat. Lucy Kitchen (Emba Remix)
3) Computer Brains (Bop Remix)
4) Lost & Found feat. Rocky Nti (BCee Re-Fix)
5) Africa (Phaction Remix)
6) So Right feat. Darrison (LSB Remix)
7) Magic Words feat. Degs (Levela Remix)
8) Breath In (Waeys Remix)
9) Cannot Escape Your Love feat. L.I.T.A. (Millbrook Remix)
10) Firebox (Terror Remix)
11) Speak To The Sky (Kiril Remix)
12) Cut Me Loose feat. Hybrid Minds & Rocky Nti (BCee Re-Fix)
13) Come And Join Us (Tim Reaper Remix)

1) Back To The Street feat. Philippa Hanna
2) Grow feat. Blu Mar Ten & Charlotte Haining
3) Sincerely Yours feat. Leo Wood
4) Northpoint feat. Riya
5) Generations
6) The River Runs Dry feat. LSB & Rocky Nti
7) Think Twice
8) Sun Goes Down feat. Saint Louis
9) Diagnosis Murder feat. S.P.Y
10) Keep The Faith feat. Robert Owens
11) Keep Moving On
12) Consumed