This Is How It Starts (The Early Recordings)

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Limited LP: White Vinyl

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Rare recordings featuring Carla J Easton & friends with guests Duglas T Stewart (BMX Bandits) and Eugene Kelly (Vaselines) - This album was shelved and never saw the light of day but now, for the first time ever, these recordings are re-mastered and presented to you on vinyl.

In 2011, Carla J Easton finished her MFA at Glasgow School of Art armed with a batch of newly written songs and wanted to start a band - Calling on longtime collaborator Sita Pieraccini and childhood friend Debs Smith, fat rehearsals ensued and a first gig was booked at The Arches in Glasgow.

Aptly, the night the band would debut as TeenCanteen was called The Love Club. Not long after, Emma Kullander would join the ranks and the four headlined Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh. Through word of mouth, the place was packed. With only 5 songs to their name, a tentative version of 'All The Lovers' by Kylie Minogue was thrown in as a last minute encore, before the band delved into replaying their song 'Friends'. Studio time was booked at the fledgling 45 A Side in Glasgow, resulting in the recording of 'How We Met (Cherry Pie)', 'You're So Analog', 'Under My Cover' and 'Friends'.

Calling on mentors from the Glasgow music scene – Duglas T. Stewart (BMX Bandits) and Eugene Kelly (The Vaselines) turned up to be part of this session. Duglas, joining TeenCanteen on a heart rendering duet for the song 'Under My Cover', and Eugene, providing a blistering electric guitar solo on 'You're So Analog'. Hearing themselves on record for the first time, and with Easton's repertoire for songs growing more, they quickly returned to the studio for another weekend.

Recording the songs Atlas, Fireworks (which would go on to be covered by BMX Bandits on their album BMX Bandits in Space), It could Be Beautiful and One More Night, TeenCanteen were ready to release into the world with an album's world of recorded material. This is the sound of four friends making music together, learning as they go. At its core are the luscious three-part harmonies TeenCanteen would go on to develop further and be known for. It's not perfect. It's not polished. It's the sound of something new. It was the precursor to the glorious full pop sound the band would introduce to the world when their debut album Say It All With A Kiss was released on Last Night From Glasgow. This is how it starts.


You're So Analog / It Could Be Beautiful / Under My Cover (feat. Duglas T. Stewart) / How We Met (Cherry Pie) / One More Night / Atlas / Fireworks / Friends