The Dream Syndicate

These Times

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Re-uniting after 3 decades paid off for The Dream Syndicate after the success of their comeback album "How Did I Find Myself Here" in 2017.
If "How Did I Find Myself Here" was a 10pm record, all swagger and cathartic explosion, then "These Times" is the 2am sibling, moodier and more mercurial, the band acting as DJs of their own overnight radio station, riffing on an idea of what a Dream Syndicate album could be at this moment in time. It is Radio DS19.

  1. The Way In

  2. Put Some Miles On

  3. Black Light

  4. Bullet Holes

  5. Still Here Now

  6. Speedway

  7. Recovery Mode

  8. The Whole World's Watching

  9. Space Age

  10. Treading Water Beneath The Stars