The Mojo Men

There Goes My Mind

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Lost, way out sound from San Francisco's Mojo Men! There Goes My Mind finds the Mojo Men in full control of their high-wire blend of boy-girl vocals - They had regional, British Invasion-style hits in 1965-66, and even hit national top 40 in 1967! Abetted principally by sparkling keyboard wizardry, winsome vocals, and lavish guitars, this is your ticket to one of West Coast's best psychedelic garage bands.


1 When You're Down
2 Sure Of Your Love
3 Everyday Love
4 I Wish Today Were Yesterday
5 Take Me Away
6 Unaware Of Me
7 Candy
8 Ashamed Of Me
9 It's Okay
10 Watch You Walk Away
11 There Goes My Mind
12 Today (demo version)
13 But Now And Then (demo version)
14 Summer Flowers (demo version)
15 Not For Me (demo version)
16 Take Me Away (demo version)