The Wildhearts

The Wildhearts (Deluxe Edition)

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3LP : One black, one white and one white and black record

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Re-issue of the Wildhearts sixth album, originally released in 2007, on Ginger's own Round Records imprint.

This deluxe edition features 7 bonus, rare, hard-to-find and unheard tracks, previously only available on long out-of-print singles or the Japanese version of the original release.

Re-imagined artwork and brand new liner-notes to boot.


  1. "Rooting for the Bad Guy"

  2. "The Sweetest Song"

  3. "The Revolution Will Be Televised"

  4. "The New Flesh"

  5. "Slaughtered Authors"

  6. "The Hard Way"

  7. "Inner City Overture"

  8. "Bi-Polar Baby"

  9. "She's All That"

  10. "Destroy All Monsters"

  11. "Borderline"

  12. "Zeen Requiem"

  13. "So The Spencers Can Poke Out"

  14. "Oh Bonita"

  15. "Unbroken"

  16. "The New Flesh" (single version)

  17. "Inner City Overture" (single version)