Donna Summer

The Wanderer (2021 Reissue)

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Limited LP: White Vinyl

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• Within a year of her ground-breaking Double-Album “Bad Girls”, Donna Summer left Casablanca Records to become the first Artist signed to the new Geffen Records label, with “The Wanderer” being the first album released on the label.
• Legendary producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte remained at the helm.
• With the US #3 hit of the title track and other standout tracks ‘Looking Up’, ‘Cold Love’, ‘Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’’ and ‘Nightlife’, “The Wanderer” continued Donna’s creative output.
• “The Wanderer” was released the year after the ‘Disco Demolition Night’ event - which was held, ironically, two days before ‘Bad Girls’ became a US #1 single - and introduced more rock-infused dance/pop tunes – which paved the way for many Artists throughout the 1980s.
• Donna received two Grammy Award nominations. Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female for ‘Cold Love’ and Best Inspirational Performance for ‘I Believe In Jesus’.
• In 2020, “The Wanderer” had a resurge in interest and a re-appraisal, with several tracks being remixed for a new generation, resulting in a one month stop at #1 on one of the UK’s top Soul radio stations.


1. The Wanderer
2. Looking Up
3. Breakdown
4. Grand Illusion
5. Running For Cover

1. Cold Love
2. Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
3. Nightlife
4. Stop Me
5. I Believe In Jesus