The Roots

The Tipping Point

  • Released: 12/07/2019
  • Label: UMC
  • Genre: Hip-Hop

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More Info
The 6th Roots album, originally released in 2004, and a musical departure from their previous work, featuring a more diverse, yet pop-oriented sound, and it contains lyrics associated with rapping-prowess, political insight, and social commentary.
1A Star
1B Pointro (featuring – Wadud Ahmad)
2 I Don't Care
3 Don't Say Nuthin'
4 Guns Are Drawn
5 Stay Cool
6 Web
7 Boom! (featuring – Dice Raw_
8 Somebody's Gotta Do It
9 Duck Down!
10.a Why (What's Goin On?)
10.b The Mic
10.c Din Da Da