The Singles Collection

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Disorder are a hardcore punk band formed in 1980 in Bristol, and still going strong today.

The Singles Collection compiles their first and fieriest recordings in one place, comprised of 3 7’ EPs and the 8 track 12’ EP Perdition – recordings which John Peel allegedly referred to as sounding like shit’ (possibly a compliment) this LP of long out of print recordings would be a welcome addition to any punk collector’s shelves. Another essential piece of the UK punk puzzle.



  1. Todays World
  2. Violent Crime
  3. Complete Disorder
  4. Insane Youth
  5. You’ve Got To Be Someone
  6. More Than Fights Daily Life
  7. Rampton Song
  8. Provocated War
  9. Bullshit Everyone
  10. Maternal Obsession
  11. 3 Blind Mice
  12. Buy I Gurt Pint


  1. Stagnation
  2. Life
  3. Out Of Order
  4. Condemned Media
  5. Suicide Children
  6. Preachers
  7. Remembranse Day