Throbbing Gristle

The Second Annual Report

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Limited LP: White vinyl with stickers and inserts plus download

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The Second Annual Report is the debut album by English industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle, released in November 1977 through Industrial Records. It is a combination of live and studio recordings made from October 1976 to September 1977.

The Second Annual Report is considered to be influential within electronic music, being one of the first industrial music albums.

A1 Industrial Introduction 1:04
A2 Slug Bait - ICA 4:20
A3 Slug Bait - Live At Southampton 2:45
A4 Slug Bait - Live At Brighton 1:10
A5 Maggot Death - Live At Rat Club 2:59
A6 Maggot Death - Studio 4:34
A7 Maggot Death - Southampton 1:37
A8 Maggot Death - Brighton 0:57
B After Cease To Exist - The Original Soundtrack Of The Coum Transmissions Film 20:19

2CD Bonus Tracks:

1 No Two Ways
2 Last Exit
3 Forced Entry
4 Tesco Disco
5 Feeling Critical
6 National Affront
7 Urge to Kill
8 Zyklon B Zombie
9 United