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The Rhythm of Life

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Nexus 21's 1989 classic 'The Rhythm Of Life' LP is approaching it's 30th anniversary.

For the uninitiated the LP is a perfect synthesis of UK rawness and motor-city funk, b-boy nous and sunrise soaked acid euphoria. Nexus 21's sole LP 'The Rhythm Of Life' is considered a classic for many reasons. Originally released in 1989 on the influential Blue Chip record label, and then purchased by Network when they signed Nexus 21 for (what became iconic) future recordings, the record span all of the above influences and styles into a unique rugged sonic tapestry that caused a sensation with DJ's and dancers on it's release, and for the subsequent 3 decades to follow.

Messrs Mark Archer and Chris Peat created an album that bore a handful of club classics, on both sides of the Atlantic. Their association with Detroit, and particularly Derrick May and Transmat, saw them go to the techno mecca to record some later material that will also be reissued in the wake of this 3 decade celebration of all things Nexus 21. 'The Rhythm Of Life' is easily one of the UK's most influential techno records, it's style, sound and attitude has reverberated through dance music across the years and this timely reissue will undoubtedly excite the old-school heads and the new-school appreciators of the real deal techno sound in all it's glorious forms.

Now, this incredible album has been repressed and remastered, and spread across 2 high quality slabs of vinyl. This essential reissue has been made with the full involvement of Mark Archer and the legendary Network Records with all tracks being sourced from the Nexus 21 DAT archive for maximum sonic playback quality.


A1. (Still) Life Keeps Moving
A2. Bass Inclusion
A3. Techno City
B1. Girls
B2. Music
B3. Real Love
C1. Logical Progression
C2. Can You Feel The Beat
D1. Detroit B Boy
D2. Techno Symphony