The Quiet Temple

The Quiet Temple

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The debut album from an amorphous musical collective put together by Rich Machin and Duke Garwood, with a rolling cast of players assembled from the likes of Soulsavers, Spiritualized, Stereolab and Julian Cope.

Recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World studio, it sounds like a jazz album, but apparently  it isn't:
“I don’t think it’s a jazz record,” Machin states. “It’s got a lot of Krautrocky stuff going on in it as well. For

me, as well as the Alice Coltrane influence, it’s equal parts Velvet Underground and Harmonia. There’s

lots of psyche rock and other elements in there too.”

  1. The Last Opium Den (On Earth)

  2. The Bible Black

  3. Shades of Gemini

  4. X Rated

  5. Noah’s Theme

  6. Utopia & Visions