Alison Cotton

The Portrait You Painted Of Me

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Alison Cotton presents The Portrait You Painted of Me, a new 6-track album – her first for Rocket Recordings (released on Feeding Tube in the USA). Like Alison’s previous solo albums, the touchstones of her immersive sound are viola, harmonium and voice, merged together to create a rich suite of songs. 

As with its predecessors, The Portrait You Painted of Me was recorded at home in London, beautifully produced by Alison’s partner, Mark Nicholas, and it contains all the elements that result in the sombre, exquisite melancholy she creates. This is some serious and remarkable stuff.


01. Murmurations Over the Moor
02. The Last Wooden Ship
03. I Buried the Candlesticks
04. That Tunnel Underground Seemed Neverending
05. Violet May
06. 17th November 1962