The Pizza EP

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Limited 12" EP: Transparent Vinyl

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When you‘ve had a bad day and decided to treat yourself with a pizza. You want to relax at home and recover. The doorbell rings and you know you are moments away from happiness. Imagine this time the pizza guy doesn't only deliver you the pizza, but also brings you a new long awaited Crisix EP (Yes, Crisix actually cooked a new EP of new studio material). ‘The Pizza EP ‘will deliver you more fun than ever - take a slice as an antidepressant.

Slice A features the track 'No Tip for a Kid’, a catchy thrash-assault right in your face and a real-life anecdote from guitarist BB Plaza when he was still delivering pizzas. Next is 'World needs mosh', a very serious motivational and inspiring new Crisix anthem. Slice B offers the shortest song in Crisix’s career: a 90’s crossover and Jurassic-Park-inspired 'Raptors in the Kitchen'. With the next bite you will taste a spicy cook’n’roll: 'It is Tough to Cook a Song'. Slice C (Extra raw) was recorded the old way with everyone in the studio recording at the same time. No editing and unnecessary bullshit. Just straight Extra raw to your face.

For the cheesy dessert there are rumours of bonus tracks. But that’s just for the most devoted eaters.


1. No Tip for the Kid
2. World Needs Mosh
3. Raptors in the Kitchen
4. It's Tough to Cook a Song