Ginger Wildheart

The Pessimist's Companion

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Round Records brings you “The Pessimist’s Companion”, the follow-up solo album to Ginger’s “Ghost In The Tanglewood”.

"Says Ginger: ‘The Pessimist’s Companion’ is a break-up album, which follows on from the confessional ‘Ghost In The Tanglewood’. It was written largely in a caravan, where me and Maggie, my faithful furry companion, lived and and documented the emotional minefield of a relationship breakdown and the search for the strength to ‘start again’ in life."

"As with ‘Ghost In The Tanglewood’, this is a fearlessly honest collection of songs, thoughts and feelings. I have used the same musicians this time around too. I feel that they performed so admirably on the last album and created a perfect bed from which to showcase the lyrics and melodies. And the album is, once again, produced by Dave Draper who did such a great job with the sound of the last album. I hope you find some comfort, some joy and a sense of sharing with this selection of songs. Sharing troubles with you in song is my therapy. Thank you for being there." G x


1. May The Restless Find Peace
2. Why Aye (Oh You)
3. I Love You So Much I’m Leaving
4. You Will Let Me Down Again
5. A Better Love
6. The Pessimist’s Companion
7. Barbed Wire & Roses
8. Sweet Wanderlust
9. In Reverse
10. There Is A House