The Jackpot EP

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Limited 12" :  180g Clear Vinyl in a heavyweight translucent yellow PVC sleeve with three holographic stickers

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Kode9 is back in the game. Apart from remixes for Mr. Fingers, Burial, video game music project ‘Diggin In The Carts’, and the track ‘Cell3’ on 2019’s Hyperdub & Adult Swim compilation, this is his first proper solo release since the 2015 album ‘Nothing’, and first solo single since 2013.

This two-tracker features a couple of speedy little rollers; A-side ‘The Jackpot’ is a toxic, off-key zigzagger that coils and recoils, while the reprieve comes on B-side ‘Rona City Blues’, with its lush pads, stuttering synth melody and coasting drums.


A. The Jackpot [04:53]
B. Rona City Blues [05:10]