Peter Oren

The Greener Pasture

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LP: 'Grass Is Greener' Green Vinyl

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Indiana-born, everywhere-based singer-songwriter Peter Oren possesses a remarkable singing voice, low and deep and richly textured: as solid as a glacier, as big as a mountain. Similar in its baritone gravel to Bill Callahan, a hero of his, it rumbles in your conscience, a righteous sound that marks him as an artist for our tumultuous times, when sanity seems absent from popular discussions.


1. In Line to Die 
2. Stud Song
3. Free 
4. The Greener Pasture 
5. Whole World
6. Fun Yet 
7. John Wayne 
8. Gnawed to the Bone (Come By)
9. Ones and Ohs
10. Don't Eat Their Feed
11. Fences, Ranchers, and Cattle Prods
12. Loading Page