Slick Rick

The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick

  • Released: 29/09/2023
  • Label: UMC
  • Genre: Hip Hop

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More Info
The classic debut album from the London-born rapper who relocated to the U.S. at age 11.
Hugely influential and oft-copied it includes production from the Bomb Squad and Jam Master Jay and contains the singles "Children's Story", "Hey Young World" and "Teenage Love".
1. Treat Her Like A Prostitue
2. The Ruler's Back
3. Children's Story
4. The Moment I Feared
5. Let's Get Crazy
6. Indian Girl (An Adult Story)
7. Teenage Love
8. Mona Lisa
9. Kit (What's the Scoop)
10. Hey Young World
11. Teacher, Teacher
12. Lick The Balls