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When it comes to ‘hard rock’ few would dispute that Thin Lizzy helped define the genre. Formed in Dublin in late 1969, by July 1970 they’d released their debut single whilst the first of their 12 albums would appear the following year. Chart success was still a way off but when it came at the start of 1973 it was with the glorious single Whiskey In The Jar (UK No.6). They would score 7 further top 20 hits over the next 8 years and place no less than 8 albums in the UK top 20, 3 of which would make the top 10 and 4 the top 5.

Disc 1 opens with one of their best loved singles and a timeless classic, The Boys Are Back In Town (UK No.1. Do Anything You Want To (UK No.14) follows before another certified A-grade classic, 1977’s wonderful Dancin’ In The Moonlight (UK No.14). Punk rock might have been raging at that point but it’s an irresistible slice of pop rock. Don’t Believe A Word (UK No.12) is next up and again is simply classic Lizzy at their best. Bad Reputation, the title track from their 1977 top 5 album follows ensuring pulses continue to race and for the most part the rest of CD1 keeps the listener rocking. One notable change of pace comes with the beautiful Still In Love With You.

Disc 2 starts with another top 10 hit and acknowledged rock classic Waiting For An Alibi (UK No.9), the aforementioned hardy perennial Whiskey In The Jar (UK No.6) and Chinatown (UK No.21). The title track from their top 20 album Johnny The Fox (Meets Jimmy The Weed) is up next, the drum break from which was sampled by many in the early days of US hip hop including Tricky Tee and The Beastie Boys, whilst on these shores The Prodigy lifted it for their own ‘Breathe’. Further key album tracks and lost single Trouble Boys complete the rest of CD2.

Disc 3 kicks off with the menacing Killer On The Loose (UK No.10) and the equally robust Jailbreak (UK No.31) before giving way to the beautiful Sarah (24), a song of love to Lynott’s new daughter. The hard rocking picks up again with Cold Sweat (UK No. 27) and Little Darling whilst the swaggering south American flavoured Mexican Blood, The Rocker and the Cowboy Song all help demonstrate why the band’s albums performed so well and with the live cuts across this set why they were such a formidable proposition on stage.


Disc: 1
1 The Boys Are Back In Town
2 Do Anything You Want To
3 Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight)
4 Don't Believe A Word
5 Bad Reputation
6 Killer Without A Cause
7 Sha La La
8 Emerald
9 Are You Ready (Live, 1976)
10 Roisin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend
11 Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
12 Warriors
13 Toughest Street In Town
14 Still In Love With You
15 The Sun Goes Down
16 Soldier Of Fortune
Disc: 2
1 Waiting For An Alibi
2 Whiskey In The Jar
3 Chinatown
4 Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
5 Rosalie
6 Fighting My Way Back
7 Angel Of Death
8 Randolph's Tango
9 The Holy War
10 Opium Trail
11 Trouble Boys
12 Baby Drives Me Crazy (Live 1978)
13 Dear Heart
14 Wild One
15 We Will Be Strong
16 Leave This Town
17 Massacre
Disc: 3
1 Killer On The Loose
2 Jailbreak
3 Sarah
4 Cold Sweat
5 Little Darling
6 Mexican Blood
7 A Song For While I'm Away
8 Black Boys On The Corner
9 The Rocker (Live 1978)
10 Southbound
11 King's Vengeance
12 Johnny
13 Renegade
14 Genocide
15 She Knows
16 Got To Give It Up
17 Cowboy Song