Son House

The Complete Library of Congress Sessions (1941-1942)

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The first 19 tracks of this CD were originally released on CD in 1990 by Travelin’ Man records a label of Interstate Music Ltd. The material has been out of circulation for some time now and is long overdue for another reissue in the CD format. In addition there are 3 bonus tracks from Son House’s original 1930 recording sessions for Paramount Records. Many have said that these performances for Alan Lomax are amongst his finest, displaying as they do, how brilliantly original and creative an artist he was. It is great to be able to have these classic recordings available again. Includes fully detailed liner notes.


Levee Camp Blues / Government Fleet Blues / Walking Blues / Shetland Pony Blues / Fo’ Clock Blues / Camp Hollers / Delta Blues / Special Rider Blues (False Start) / Special Rider Blues / Low Down Dirty Dog Blues / Depot Blues / The Key Of Minor / American Defense / Am I Right Or Wrong? / Walking Blues / County Farm Blues / The Pony Blues / The Jinx Blues - Part 1 / The Jinx Blues - Part 2 / Preachin’ The Blues - Part 1 / Preachin’ The Blues - Part 2 / Walkin’ Blues