The Blue Hour

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Multiple Format Box Set : The album on double LP and CD plus an instrumental CD, a DVD with album commentary and a one-sided 7" with a bonus track

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The 8th Suede album, produced by Alan Moulder and released in 2018.

A1 As One
A2 Wastelands
A3 Mistress
B1 Beyond The Outskirts
B2 Chalk Circles
B3 Cold Hands
B4 Life Is Golden
C1 Roadkill
C2 Tides
C3 Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You
D1 Dead Bird
D2 All The Wild Places
D3 The Invisibles
D4 Flytipping
E1 Manipulation
CD1 01 As One
CD1 02 Wastelands
CD1 03 Mistress
CD1 04 Beyond The Outskirts
CD1 05 Chalk Circles
CD1 06 Cold Hands
CD1 07 Life Is Golden
CD1 08 Roadkill
CD1 09 Tides
CD1 10 Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You
CD1 11 Dead Bird
CD1 12 All The Wild Places
CD1 13 The Invisibles
CD1 14 Flytipping
CD2 01 As One (Instrumental)
CD2 02 Wastelands (Instrumental)
CD2 03 Mistress (Instrumental)
CD2 04 Beyond The Outskirts (Instrumental)
CD2 05 Chalk Circles (Instrumental)
CD2 06 Cold Hands (Instrumental)
CD2 07 Life Is Golden (Instrumental)
CD2 08 Roadkill (Instrumental)
CD2 09 Tides (Instrumental)
CD2 10 Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You (Instrumental)
CD2 11 Dead Bird (Instrumental)
CD2 12 All The Wild Places (Instrumental)
CD2 13 The Invisibles (Instrumental)
CD2 14 Flytipping (Instrumental)
DVD01 As One
DVD02 Wastelands
DVD03 Mistress
DVD04 Beyond The Outskirts
DVD05 Chalk Circles
DVD06 Cold Hands
DVD07 Life Is Golden
DVD08 Roadkill
DVD09 Tides
DVD10 Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You
DVD11 Dead Bird
DVD12 All The Wild Places
DVD13 The Invisibles
DVD14 Flytipping
DVD15 The Blue Hour - Trailer
DVD16 The Invisibles - Promo Video
DVD17 Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You - Promo Video