Love Unlimited Orchestra

The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979)

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The Love Unlimited Orchestra box set brings together all seven albums the group recorded for the label, newly remastered from their original analog master tapes for the first time since their 1970s debuts. The albums are
presented with their original sleeve and label art.
CD1: Rhapsody In White
1. Barry’s Theme
2. Rhapsody In White
3. Midnight And You
4. I Feel Love Coming On
5. Baby Blues
6. Don’t Take It Away From Me
7. What A Groove
8. Love’s Theme
CD2: Together Brothers
1. Somebody’s Gonna Off The Man
2. So Nice To Hear
3. Alive And Well
4. Find The Man Bros.
5. You Gotta Case
6. Killer’s Lullaby
7. Theme From Together Brothers
8. Getaway
9. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (instrumental)
10. Somebody’s Gonna Off The Man (instrumental)
11. The Rip
12. Stick Up
13. Dreamin’
14. Killer’s Back
15. Do Drop In
16. Killer Don’t Do It
17. Here Comes The Man
18. Dream On
19. Honey, Please Can’t Ya See
20. Can’t Seem To Find Him
21. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today
CD3: White Gold
1. Barry’s Love (Part I)
2. Satin Soul
3. Always Thinking Of You
4. Power Of Love
5. Spanish Lei
6. You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me)
7. Only You Can Make Me Blue
8. Dreaming
9. Just Living It Up
10. Just Like A Baby
11. Barry’s Love (Part II)
CD4: Music Maestro Please
1. Bring It On Up
2. Makin’ Believe That It’s You
3. I Wanna Stay
4. Give Up Your Love Girl
5. You’re All I Want
6. It’s Only What I Feel
7. Midnight Groove
8. Forever In Love
CD5: My Sweet Summer Suite
1. My Sweet Summer Suite
2. Strange Games & Things (Original Long Version)
3. Blues Concerto
4. You, I Adore
5. Brazilian Love Song
6. Are You Sure
7. You’ve Given Me Something
8. I’m Falling In Love With You
CD6: My Musical Bouquet
1. Don’t You Know How Much I Love You
2. Stay Please And Make Love To Me
3. Hey Look At Me, I’m In Love
4. Love You, Ooh It’s True I Do
5. Whisper Softly
6. Enter Love’s Interlude
7. Can’t You See
CD7: Super Movie Themes - Just A Little Bit Different
1. Theme From Superman
2. Theme From King Kong
3. Night Fever
4. Grease
5. Intermission
6. Theme From Shaft
7. Theme From A Summer Place
8. The Way We Were
9. As Time Goes By
10. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today