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Due to its extremely complex history, Taiwan in the 70´s saw the creation of some incredibly special music in which the sounds coming at the moment from the west collided with the special sensitivity of Taiwanese musicians, creating a delicious mixture you´ll need to hear to believe.

"Taiwan Disco" shines a light on the music created by Taiwanese women during those years (70s and early 80s) to present a mind-blowing collection of songs with sounds ranging from wild funk to space glam, exotic disco or fuzzed out soul. Here´s the ticket to some crazy Taiwan nights, get those dancing shoes ready, it´s time to shake it!

A1. Wu Xiu Zhu (吳秀珠) - 我不知道我愛你
A2. Hua Yi Bao (華怡保) - 綉荷包
A3. Cui Tai Jing (崔台青) - 愛的風
A4. Zou Juan Juan (邹娟娟) -姑娘的酒窩
A5. Chen Lan Li (陳蘭麗) - 海浪花
A6. Wang Xiang Ling (王祥齡) 高山大海
B1. Tian Lu Lu (田路路)
B2. Liu Guan Lin (劉冠霖) - 往情深
B3. Wu Xiu Zhu) (吳秀珠) - 找不到你
B4. Luo Yan Li (駱豔麗) - 午夜香吻
B5. Yu San Shan (于三珊) - 嘿 ! 眼鏡姑娘
B6. Zhang Bei Xin (張蓓心) - 别讓愛溜走