Hieroglyphic Being

Synth Expression/Rhythmic Cubism

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Chicago's Jamal Moss AKA Hieroglyphic Being returns with "Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubism".

Moss’ prolific catalogue covers many musical dialects from his hometown and beyond. Never standing in one
artistic sphere for too long, this adventure for On the Corner Records sees Hieroglyphic Being exploring a multitude of
expressions of the American Avant-garde.

The fragmented fantasy of "Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubism" is a conclusive work that has no end, a conundrum of conceptual calculated improvisation. Drifting through time, this fragmented abstraction of Afro-Cubism leaves room for posterity, as each listen summons a new perspective on the suite. Something ever so common in the work of Jamal Moss. Charting new sonic directions, the very nature of its precedent makes it a truly Hieroglyphic affair.
A1. Rhythmic Cubism
A2. The Spiritual or Electromagnetic Worlds
A3. Apocrypha
B1. The Redemption Project
B2. Timbuk2