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WEWANTSOUNDS embark on a major reissue programme of Makoto Kubota’s three Sunset Gang albums recorded in the 70s with Haruomi Hosono for the Showboat label. These cult albums feature his blend of Japanese folk, blues and R&B blended with Hawaiian, Okinawan and New Orleans influences.

The reissues are done in collaboration with Makoto Kubota and come with original artwork and audio newly remastered by Kubota himself. Makoto Kubota’s trip to the US’ East and West Coast at the dawn of the 70s had been ear-opening. Now back in Japan and after recording his solo album ‘Machibouke’ for the Express label, he set to record a second album with likeminded musician to emulate the sound he had witnessed during his US trip. Kubota gathered fellow musicians in the studio with producer Kinji Yoshino, alongside a few guests including Haruomi Hosono, Tatsuo Hayashi and Takashi Matsumoto from Happy End/Tin Pan Alley galaxy to record nine tracks inspired by R&B, soul, blues and tropical influences.

From the bluesy ‘Kawa wo Kudatte’ and ‘Sunset Sunset’ to the Southern groove of ‘Louisiana Mama’ and the Grateful Dead-like feel of “Bang Bang Bang/Yukake Blues, the album is a superb mix of laid back music and an homage to American roots music. The album marks the start of a musical odyssey Kubota and his musicians would develop further in subsequent albums by the Gang. ‘Sunset Gang’ represents one of the key stones in this edifice, which WEWANTSOUNDS present to you here for the first time outside of Japan.


Tasogare No Make Love Company / Kobune No Tabi (Boat Trip) / Louisiana Mama / Kawa Wo Kudatte (Going By The River) / Sunset Sunset (instrumental) / Itoshi No Marie / Shikemoku Kurashi / Kaette Okure / Bang Bang Bang Yuyake Blues