Stray From The Path

Subliminal Criminals

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Stray from the Path is a four piece alternative hardcore band, hailing from Long Island, New York. Stray has made it their mission to tackle the often untapped issues that plague the society of the human race. From the law enforcement, to the individuals in bands that take advantage of the sacred supporters of this music scene, Stray shows no mercy in their lyrics when they see injustice. Comprised of Thomas Williams on Guitar, Drew York on vocals, Dan Bourke on drums and Anthony 'Dragon Neck' Altamura, the band strives for a style of music that is not common in the modern age. Without the crutch of computers, and the perfect pace of a click track, stray delivers an unpredictable, raw emotion that feeds off the energy of the people.


1. The New Gods
2. Eavesdropper (Feat. Rou Reynolds)
3. Outbreak
4. D.I.E.P.I.G.
5. Future of Sound (Feat. Cody B Ware)
6. Badge & A Bullet pt II
7. Time Bomb
8. First World Problem Child (Feat. Sam Carter)
9. Snap
10. Shots Fired
11. These Things Have To Fall Apart