Steve Roach

Structures From Silence

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Steve Roach is one of the defining American artists of new age music, perpetually on a quest for silence and the suspension of time in his music. “Structures from Silence” is his third album originally released in 1984, and is his first purely textural album, with a smooth, dark, gentle atmospheres unlike any of his other albums. //  “Full of purring drones and high notes that shimmer and fade. Like a desert mirage, these structures hover forever at the horizon, an oasis from the din surrounding it - Pitchfork’s “Best Ambient Albums Of All time”  //  “Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence remains one of the most important ambient albums ever crafted. It isn’t as high profile as similarly poised records from Brian Eno, but its enduring influence has been unmistakably visible in the three decades since its release.” FACT Magazine… //  Remastered from the original tapes, this is the first vinyl reissue of the album since it’s initial release in 1984.


A1. Reflections From Suspension - 16:48
A2. Quite Friend - 13:23
B1. Structures From Silence - 28:37