Lewis Taylor

Stoned Part I

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Stoned Part I was the first self-released album from lost soul phenomenon Lewis Taylor. His third album proper, it was initially released on his own label Slow Reality in 2002 and it's been licensed to Be With for this long-awaited double LP release, its first ever vinyl edition. The songs are varied, hook filled and outstanding. Beloved by his legions of diehard fans, it's nothing short of a masterpiece.

After parting ways with Island, and without a label deal, Lewis went back to his home
studio and began to record Stoned Part I in 2001. Co-written and co-produced with
longtime collaborator Sabina Smyth, Lewis sings and plays all the instruments on this
beautiful, emotional and very human album. It represents Lewis at his most accessible and finds him in the middle ground between his two Island releases. In some ways, Stoned Part I distills the best of his musical sensibilities. The flawless production is dense, layered and very early-2000s slick. The bottom end is thick, funky and sexy.


A1 - Stoned Part I (4:51)
A2 - Positively Beautiful (4:24)
B1 - Lewis IV (3:53)
B2 - Send Me An Angel (4:36)
B3 - Til The Morning Light (4:08)
C1 - Shame (4:24)
C2 - When Will I Ever Learn - Part I (4:40)
C3 - Lovin’ U More (4:14)
D1 - From The Day We Met - Part II (4:43)
D2 - Lovelight (4:53)
D3 - Sheneverdid (4:49)