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Limited 2LP : Limited edition double gold vinyl

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The 5th album from Norwegian rock band Kvelertak and first for Rise Records. 

"We are very excited that our new album "Splid" will be released through Rise Records and we look forward to being a part of the Rise family in the coming years," the band says. " Splid ("discord" in English) is a deep dive into western gluttony, our own stupidity, and the abyss of the earth."
The album was recorded with Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio in Salem, MA.
"Working with Kurt again has been amazing and we're extremely happy with the production," the band continues. "We've pushed ourselves to the edge this last year — musically, physically, and mentally. The result is one hour of catchy riffs, punk rock, and heavy metal influenced by a world in discord to accompany our way towards Ragnarok."


Disc 1 - Side A 1. Rogaland / 2. Crack of Doom / 3. Necrosoft
Disc 1 - Side B 1. Discord / 2. Bråtebrann / 3. Uglas Hegemoni
Disc 2 - Side A 1. Fanden ta dette hull! / 2. Tevling / 3. Stevnemøte med Satan
Disc 2 - Side B 1. Delirium tremens / 2. Ved bredden av Nihil