Speed Limit

Speed Limit

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180 gram reissue.

Revolving around three Magma members (Jannick Top, Joel Dugrenot et Yochk’O Seffer), Speed Limit has put out two cult albums during the 70’s, paying homage to Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew as well as Nucleus’ Elastic Rock. Mixing jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde pop, classical and Zeuhl music has never been a problem for the French septet, and even though its name sounds pretty obscure for the mainstream amateur, every French underground music lover sings praises about the band.


Time's Tune
Breeze Borealis 6:00
A Run Around The Block 3:40
Jettatura 4:10
Good Night Littre Bear... 1:05
African Dance No 3 4:00
Pastoral Idyl
Pastoral Idyl - Part I 1:55
Lemon Tree 8:40
Reaching The Stars 3:21
To The Girl Of The Moon 1:17
Pastoral Idyl - Part II 6:14