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Ah, the eternal problem of how to follow up the overnight success. It's often the case that groups change their sound and image to keep up the commercial winning streak once they hit the big time, often at the expense of their original appeal. Sparks, however, are a law unto themselves. Whatever acclaim was brought by Kimono My House appears to have been ignored by the Mael brothers, who instead solidified the style of demented, sinister pop songs that the band pioneered


1 Propaganda 0:23
2 At Home At Work At Play 3:06
3 Reinforcements 3:56
4 B.C. 2:14
5 Thanks But No Thanks 4:15
6 Don't Leave Me Alone With Her 3:03
7 Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth 2:29
8 Something For The Girl With Everything 2:18
9 Achoo 3:35
10 Who Don't Like Kids 3:37
11 Bon Voyage 4:55
CD Bonus Tracks
12 Alabamy Right 2:11
13 Marry Me 2:54
14 Interview - Saturday Scene 8/11/74 7:17