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Space Oddity - 50th Anniversary

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The double 7” set will come in a box including a double-sided poster featuring an original Space Oddity print advertisement and a Ray Stevenson shot of David taken on stage at the ‘Save Rave ‘69’ concert at the London Palladium on 30th November, 1969, the backdrop featuring a N.A.S.A. astronaut. The set also includes an information card and a print featuring an alternative shot by Jojanneke Claassen from the Space Oddity promo single cover session.

First released as a 7-inch single on 11 July 1969, Space Oddity was also the opening track of David Bowie’s eponymous second studio album, David Bowie (later re-named "Space Oddity" on re-issue). Initially inspired by Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the song gained huge popularity when it was adopted as the unofficial theme of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission which launched five days after the single’s release.
Single 1:

A. Space Oddity (Original mono single edit)

B. The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud (Original mono single version)

Single 2:

A. Space Oddity (2019 Mix - Single edit)

B. The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud (2019 Mix - Single version)