Sauveur Mallia

Space Oddities 1979-1984

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Born Bad continue their mind-expanding and totally essential series of library music ‘Space Oddities’ compilations with this set focusing on French musician and composer Sauveur Mallia. In the ever-expanding universe of 70s and 80s French library music, Mallia holds a special place; his career, multifaceted work and the uniqueness of his  talent have made him an exemplary figure in the unsung world of library musicians.  

In those years a few of them, often for economical reasons, would set off on a space conquest, taking along just a few synthesisers. Their ambition well surpassed the modesty of their means; it was in turn the condition to their experimentations with sound which were to create a new  sonic space: that of a nation tumbling into modernity. From French soil to the  farthest reaches of the cosmos, there were just a few steps to take. It’s with the label Tele Music, boarding the spaceship Arpadys, along with the Voyage crew, that Sauveur Mallia took the big leap.


Space People / Exotic Guide / Reggae Direction / Supersmurf / Robot Avenue / Double Polygone / Synthetic Suspense / Synthetic Neutron / Smurfissimo / All The Bass (Phoreski Mix) / Spacial Escapade / African Break / Electronic Africa / Star Odyssey