Yutaka Hirose

Soundscape 2: Nova +4

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Expanded reissue of one of the most fascinating Japanese ambient/environmental albums ever made.

The double LP includes the album known as "Soundscape 2: Nova", sourced from its original masters, as well as 50 minutes of never-released-before recordings.

Initially released in 1986 as part of the Soundscape series* commissioned by Misawa Home Corporation for
use in their prefabricated houses. Initiated around the enchanting landscapes of the two first tracks recorded for the project, "Nova" and "Epilogue", Yutaka Hirose’s magnum opus serenely blends vintage synth with nature sounds, exploring soothing palettes and organic backdrops.

The bonus LP gathers four long unreleased pieces created around the same period of time for installations, described by Yutaka Hirose as "not music per se but rather sound sculptures", and including the haunting "Shadow Of A Water Droplet" which was recorded for an Ikebana exhibition.
A1. Nova
A2. Slow Sky
A3. In The Afternoon
B1. Taiko
B2. Humming The Sea
B3. Through The Windows
B4. Epilogue
C1. Old Dream Spell
C2. Light Which Shakes Quietly
D1. One Day In Summer
D2. Shadow Of A Water Droplet