Lightning Bolt

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Limited 2LP : Limited edition double green vinyl

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Rhode Island noise rock merchants Lightning Bolt are back with their 7th album, in which the two Brians strip away some of the distortion mask to reveal the pop naked pop forms as never before. Their relentless energy, inventiveness
and, unrestrained joy still drive their songs, pulling you in and compelling you to bounce and yes, even sing along.

In the four years between album releases, each member’s increasingly prolific creative endeavors limited their time to create together. Brian Gibson was the sole artist, musician and co-designer of the acclaimed video game "Thumper", which has since proliferated across a multitude of platforms, and won countless awards including the 2019 Apple Design Award. Brian Chippendale, who has always created the band’s visual art, released the graphic novel "Puke Force", was included in Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time,” and recently collaborated with fashion designers Eckhaus Latta.
Blow To The Head

USA Is A Psycho

Air Conditioning

Hüsker Dön’t

Big Banger

Halloween 3

Don Henley In The Park

Tom Thump

Bouncy House

All Insane

Van Halen 2049