Proc Fiskal

Siren Spine Sysex

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2LP : Released 05/11/2021

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Proc Fiskal's second album sees a reorientation of the source elements of his music. Where ‘Insula’ fed off samples of the ramblings of his friends and sounds of his hometown, ‘Siren Spine Sysex’ is laden with an inner voice of sampled Gaelic, Irish and English folk music, contorted and imbued into the futurist body of modern pop; the ghostly anima image of the female folk voice and the lamenting wheeze of the accordion rub against the rush of icey 808s and angles of Grime. Joe Powers’ family history is in folk music, with several of his forebears active in the Scottish Folk revival of the 1960s. It's this cultural baggage - the Caledonian Antisyzygy of the earnest folk tradition he was raised in – alongside the modernist dance music he makes, that brings a personal element to the album.

The music of ‘Siren Spine Sysex’ examines dance music as folk music, re-routing them both comparatively, with the wordless emoting of chopped and screwed Gaelic vocals leading to joyous pop songs like ‘8 Mgapixel See Thru Phone’ and 'Leith Tornn Carnal’. Though fast and detailed, ‘Siren Spine Sysex’ feels relaxed and pastoral at times, its edits and drums sensual, swelling, and reactive to the music, its textures influenced by the tinny 16 bit flutes, strings, and wacky scores of gaming soundtracks.


A1. Anti Chessst  
A2. Convaerge Iana  
A3. Humancargoe Estt  
A4. Recall (Throate Achres)  

B1. Met Path Thoth  
B2. 8 Mgapixel See Thru Phone  
B3. Thurs Jung Youtz  

C1. Her In  
C2. The Most Beautiful Irish Song  
C3. Leith Tornn Carnal  

D1. Auld Peop  
D2. Iaosiphsean Powers  
D3. God Aed  
D4. Roman Fatigue