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While a number of the songs here are still dark-hued and feature bleak lyrics, they are made very palatable by extraordinarily imaginative production values featuring intricate synthesizer-flecked arrangements; psychedelic touches in "Christine," spaceship synthesizer swoops in "Tenant," and rhythmic camera clicks in "Red Light" all enliven their respective songs.

CD features nine bonus tracks including 'Sitting Room', 'Israel' (Single Version), four Warner Chappell demos and three Polydor demos.


1 Happy House
2 Tenant
3 Trophy
4 Hybrid
5 Clockface
6 Lunar Camel
7 Christine
8 Desert Kisses
9 Red Light
10 Paradise Place
11 Skin
12 Christine
13 Eve White Eve Black
14 Arabia
15 Sitting Room
16 Paradise Place
17 Desert Kisses
18 Hybrid
19 Happy House
20 Israel