Jeff Moller

Sigh Baby

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The album finds him exploring his background in indie-rock, garage, psych, and country through ten slacker anthems that sound like a fog-pop Tom Petty. Building on his experience as a journeyman musician, the album features contributions from a handful of friends as well as current and former bandmates, including members of Sugar Candy Mountain, Papercuts, Young Moon, Michael James Tapscott, Indianna Hale, and more. Highly anticipated debut album from Jeff Moller. Press coverage on recent releases includes reviews and features in Glide Magazine, Psychedelic Baby Magazine, Janglepop Hub, and more.


1. Sad To See the Sun Go Down
2. Still Intact
3. Broken Hearts (Won’t Stop Beating)
4. Raphi and Me
5. Sigh Baby
6. Mindlessly Strumming Away
7. Sand, Salt Crystals
8. Counting Waves
9. Garden
10. Another Name