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Third album from Kyle Craft, now with his own band Showboat Honey.
The band recorded "Showboat Honey" at their own Moonbase Studios in Portland over 2018. “We approached this record differently for sure,” Craft says. “I’d make a demo, and after putting the songs together, shoot it to the band for ideas.” Kyle and the members of Showboat Honey worked at such a feverish wine-fuelled pace that they actually ended up with two completely different albums.

But at the end of the day, they decided to combine the two into what is now "Showboat Honey", a moonstruck rock ’n’ roll record teeming with reckless abandon.
1. Broken Mirror Pose
2. O! Lucky Hand
3. 2 Ugly 4 NY
4. Blackhole/Joyride
5. Bed of Needles #2
6. Deathwish Blue
7. Blood in the Water
8. Buzzkill Caterwaul
9. Sunday Driver
10. Johnny (Free & Easy)
11. She's Lily Riptide