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2007 digitally remastered and expanded pressing of the quirky British Rock band's 1974 sophomore album featuring three bonus tracks: '18 Carat Man of Means', 'Gizmo My Way' and 'Worst Band in the World' (Radio Version). Formed by songwriters Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, 10cc weren't quite Art Rock, Pop Rock or Progressive Rock. They took only the best aspects of each style and created a unique sound of their own and were nearly impossible to pigeonhole. Sheet Music features the hits 'The Wall Street Shuffle', 'Silly Love' and 'Worst Band in the World'.


1 The Wall Street Shuffle
2 The Worst Band in the World
3 Hotel
4 Old Wild Men
5 Clockwork Creep
6 Silly Love
7 Somewhere in Hollywood
8 Baron Samedi
9 The Sacro-iliac
10 Oh Effendi
11 18 Carat Man of Means
12 Gismo My Way
13 The Worst Band in the World (Radio Version)