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Seitō: In The Beginning, Woman Was The Sun

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"Seitō" gathers Japanese female artists from various electronic and experimental music fields. Featuring: Fuji-Yuki’s glommy folk song, Kiki Hitomi’s haunted dub tune, Mikado Koko’s deep house hit, Miki Yui’s electoacoustic performance, Kakushin Nishihara’s noisy folk track, Kuunatic’s oriental psych blend and Keiko Higuchi’s memorable 9 minutes cover of classic Japanese folk song Okesa Bushi. Like the « Tokyo Flashback » series issued by P.S.F. in the early 1990s, this collection recorded between 2017 and 2019 exposes the richness of the contemporary Japanese underground music scene. The title refers to a cult feminist magazine printed in Japan in the 1910s.
01 Fuji-Yuki - Blood Moon

02 Kiki Hitomi - Gain And Lose

03 Mikado Koko - Fukagawa Bushi

04 Miki Yui - Radicalv

05 Kakushin Nishihara - Palace of Deep Water

06 Kuunatic - Dewbow

07 Keiko Higuchi - Okesa Bush