Primal Scream

Screamadelica (2021 Picture Disc)

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Limited 2LP : Picture Disc

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The ‘Screamadelica’ double-vinyl picture disc featuring the album’s iconic artwork pressed onto vinyl. This represents the first ever official ‘Screamadelica’ picture disc.



Side A

  1. ‘Movin' on Up’
  2. ‘Slip Inside This House’                         
  3. ‘Don't Fight It, Feel It’                                                          

Side B

  1. ‘Higher Than the Sun’
  2. ‘Inner Flight’
  3. ‘Come Together’

LP 2

Side A

  1. ‘Loaded’
  2. ‘Damaged’
  3. ‘I'm Comin' Down’

Side B

  1. ‘Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)’
  2. ‘Shine Like Stars’