Thee MVPs

Science Fiction

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LP: Standard black vinyl

Dinked: Super exclusive “super-on-the-nose-sci-fi-warpspeed-hyperspace” splatter blue coloured vinyl, Dinked X MVPs slipmat, Hand- numbered album art insert, Exclusive label sticker, Limited 350 pressing SOLD OUT

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Thee Debut Longplayer from Thee MVPS, on their own label, taking cues from all of their favourite labels...Influenced by SST, In The Red, Au Go Go, Goner, Stiff, Castle Face, Dischord etc. (you know, the good ones!!). The band lives in the same house in Leeds, they have a whole slew of 7” records out all over the world, some sold out, some, not, they are steeped in music, playing live and this album shows that: Thee MVPs (Most Valuable Players) love music a whole bunch and hope they made a record that shows that. Thee MVPs consider this album part concept - tying in references and homages to Sci Fi with themes of difficulties all of us face as we get a little less away from youth. Some themes include always having camaraderie in the face of any dire straight, how being contactable 24/7 probably isn't best for any of us and how really we're not any more different/cooler/better/worse/charming/narcissistic than anyone else because we do a band​ Thee MVPs were lucky enough to have Edd's mum Sahrah, an architect student to design the cover based off Joel's readings of polymath Walter Russell.


1 - Ship Episode, Planet Episode
2- Causality
3 - A Song for Councillor
4 - You Ain’t It
5 - HAL
6 - SESH
7 - Super Contactable
8 - A Pining Replicant
9 - Funeral i & iii
10 - US Airways (Final Flight)