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Limited LP : Limited edition of 300 on neon yellow vinyl with booklet

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The second album from Atlanta, Georgia's Mattiel has a greater stylistic diversity than the lo-fi dusty cinematic garage rock of 2017's eponymous debut album though is recorded in the same way with the same team as the debut.
Where the first record was confident, this second release is even more so. This is probably down to the chemistry between songwriters Jonah Swilley and Atina Mattiel Brown. "Some of Mattiel's best lyrical writing is effortless," Jonah says. "She's thoughtful with what she wants to say as an artist, but also understands pop sensibilities."
1. Til The Moment Of Death
2. Rescue You
3. Je Ne Me Connais Pas
4. Food For Thought
5. Keep The Change
6. Millionaire
7. Populonia
8. Blisters
9. Athlete
10. Berlin Weekend
11. Heck Fire
12. Long Division