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Saint Of Circumstance

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Widely considered one of the most exciting, inspired, and greatest shows of the Dead’s final decade of performing, Grateful Dead are proud to announce the debut release of the magnificent Saint of Circumstance 6/17/91 show at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ; featuring beloved classics such as "Truckin’" and "Uncle John’s Band" as well as rarities including "Saint of Circumstance" and the recurrence of "Dark Star" which was woven in and out of the set list throughout the show.

With an encore of The Band’s "The Weight", the Dead cap off one of their most highly regarded shows ever with a perfect song choice to send the crowd on its way.

This memorable set had appearances from revered guests Bruce Hornsby and Vince Welnick joining the Dead on stage, giving everyone in attendance a night to remember.
Disc 1

First set:
"Eyes of the World" – 15:26
"Walkin' Blues"  7:01
"Brown-Eyed Women" 6:10
"Dark Star" 1:32
"When I Paint My Masterpiece" 5:28
"Loose Lucy" 9:16
"Cassidy" 7:11
"Might as Well" 6:41
Disc 2

Second set:
"Saint of Circumstance" 10:55
"Ship of Fools"  8:01
"Dark Star"  1:14
"Truckin'" 6:55
"New Speedway Boogie" 9:12
"Dark Star"  0:55
"Uncle John's Band"  11:18
"Dark Star"  8:05
"Drums" 12:30
Disc 3

"Space"  8:47
"China Doll" 5:07
"Playing in the Band" 4:35
"Sugar Magnolia" 10:53
"The Weight"  6:20