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Safe Travel With Phil Pratt & Friends 1966 - 1968

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Recorded at Federal Record Studios, 220 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11, Jamaica.
Recorded at Treasure Isle Recording Studio, 33 Bond Street, Kingston, Jamaica.
Recorded at West Indies Records Limited, 13 Bell Road, Kingston 11, Jamaica.


A1 Phil Pratt– Safe Travel
A2 Larry Marshall & Alvin Leslie– No One To Give Me Love
A3 Milton Boothe– I Used To Be A Fool
A4 Vincent 'Don D Junior' Gordon*– Dirty Dozen
A5 Horace 'Andy' Hinds*– Black Man's Country
A6 Peter Austin– Time Is Getting Harder
B1 Phil Pratt– Reach Out
B2 The Cool Cats– What Kind Of Man
B3 Hemsley Morris & Phil Pratt– Little Things
B4 Tommy McCook– Bigger Things
B5 Larry Marshall– Money Girl
C1 Ken Boothe– You Left The Water Running
C2 Charlie Ace– Book Of Books
C3 Tommy McCook– Caltone Special
C4 Hemsley Morris– Love Is Strange
C5 Ken Boothe– The One I Love
C6 The Clarendonians– Bye Bye Bye
D1 Phil Pratt & Ken Boothe– Sweet Song For My Baby
D2 Alva 'Reggie' Lewis*– Suicide (Hang My Head & Cry)
D3 Peter Austin– Your Love
D4 The Thrillers (2)– I'm Restless
D5 The Clarendonians– Baby Baby
D6 Phil Pratt All Stars– Victory