• Released: 06/12/2019
  • Label: Operator
  • Genre: Pop

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Born in England but raised in Scotland, his nomadic existence has taken him  from everywhere from the Caribbean to Finland. After numerous unlikely  adventures the world over, he returned to London with a career in his music his all-or-nothing ambition - and it’s beginning to pay off in often unexpected ways. He’s performed in front of huge crowds with P!nk, earned the support of Elton John and Radio 1 and accumulated 60 million streams - with a fanbase built largely via social media and time-honoured word-of-mouth.
Those stories resonate throughout his debut album ‘Safe.’ which is out now via Operator Records. They’re all there: the highs and the lows, tales of love and loss, of adventures and unfulfilled expectations. James’s rich vocal is powerful and carefully controlled, with a striking emotional resonance his biggest calling card. It’s the voice of a man who has lived through those experiences and come out the other side.

What You Do
Hold Me Down
Dead In The Water 
Good Life
Love Lost
Someday Sundays
Beyond Today