Rupt & Flex (1994 - 96)

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4CD Box Set

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An anthology of Seefeel’s 94 - 96 work made for Warp and Rephlex, including their out-of-print studio albums ‘Succour’ and ‘(Ch-Vox)’, two non-album EPs, ‘Starethrough’ and ‘Fracture / Tied’ and 22 bonus tracks from the Seefeel archives, with many previously unreleased tracks.


CD1 ‘Succour (Redux)’ Meol Extract When Face Was Face Fracture Gatha Ruby-Ha Rupt Vex Cut Utreat Tempean

CD2 ‘Succour (Redux)’ As One As If As Well As Track As Link As Such Meol 2 Rupt (Cut Mix) Fractions 2 Meol 3 Monastic Burned

CD3: ‘(Ch-Vox) Redux’ Utreat (Complete) E-hix2 Ch-vox Hive Ashdecon Net E-hix 5 E-hix 4 Evio Avatar E-hix 3 Ashime

CD4 ‘St / Fr / Sp’ Starethrough Air Eyes Spangle Lux1 Fracture (EP version) Tied Spangle (Autechre Remix) Starethrough (Transition Mix) Sp19 (Spangle extended live version) Ga19 (Gatha extended live version)