Todd Rundgren

Runt. The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren

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Limited LP : Limited edition blue vinyl

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The 2nd Todd Rundgren album, originally released in 1971.

9 of the album's 12 tracks are piano-led ballads and pop tracks, and Rundgren himself wrote, arranged, and produced every tune on the album, as well as handling all the guitars, keyboards, and vocals.

Tony Sales, who played bass on "Runt", the previous album, plays on the majority of tracks, but brother Hunt Sales, the drummer on the first album, plays drums only on one cut and conga on one. Studio musicians Jerry Scheff and John Guerin provide the rhythm section on two tracks; Norman D. Smart, who later became a member of the Hello People and was Mountain's first drummer, plays on the remainder. On two of the tracks, Rundgren is the only performer.

Side 1
"Long Flowing Robe" – 3:30
"The Ballad (Denny & Jean)" – 3:30
"Bleeding" – 4:05
"Wailing Wall" – 3:05
"The Range War" – 2:38
"Chain Letter" – 5:02
Side 2
"A Long Time, A Long Way to Go" – 2:12
"Boat on the Charles" – 4:28
"Be Nice to Me" – 3:27
"Hope I'm Around" – 4:55
"Parole" – 4:22
"Remember Me" – 0:51