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Ruminations (Expanded Edition)

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‘Ruminations feels like a direct line into the spirit of Right Now.  Oberst reckons with having the fabric of his life ripped apart by a disease of the flesh he couldn’t control or understand.  Perhaps that sounds familiar?  [He] paints a startling picture of how surreal life becomes when backlit by illness… these songs are heartrendingly beautiful, filled with the beauty of day-drunkenness and Proustian flights into memory and waking up in the afternoon and realizing that, however imperfect the day is, it’s a day.’ 

– GQ (2020)

Conor Oberst’s critically acclaimed 2016 solo album, Ruminations, will be released in a double-LP expanded edition – featuring five bonus tracks, four previously unreleased, as well as an etching on side D – on Record Store Day, June 12; it will be made available widely in all formats on July 23.  The five bonus tracks were recorded during the Ruminations sessions; while full band versions of them were released on the 2017 companion album Salutations, these solo acoustic recordings are now included for the first time on Ruminations. 

Ruminations was recorded in the winter of 2016, when Oberst found himself hibernating in his hometown of Omaha after living in New York City for more than a decade.  He emerged with the unexpectedly raw, unadorned album, which NPR called one of his ‘most personal records… a collection of brave, dark songs… unmistakably moving and contain[ing] some of Oberst's best lyrics and imagery.’  The Sunday Times further said it was his ‘rawest album yet.  Political and very, very personal’, calling Oberst ‘one of the best songwriters around’, and including the album in its list of best of the year.